What is miniMAX™ ?

Simply speaking, miniMAX is a system-level technology and a new approach (in terms of product designs, vertical integration manufacturing and business model) on improving audio system’s both quality-to-size and quality-to-price ratio: DSP friendly speakers, plus speaker-correction DSP (or ASP, Analog Signal Processor).

Making a good sounding speaker are thousands of experts, audio geeks and companies' dream, goals, skills, and knowledge. miniMAX business concept (or "technology") is, with "DSP-is-here" in-mind, from the ground-up in day one we can develop the speakers that all the speaker design aspects are dis-concerned if those the drawbacks can be effectively "corrected" by the DSP or ASP afterward, while remaining the design aspects in focus where the DSP have little help to improve. The major speaker design factors that are "DSP-friendly" are frequency response (that's almost what Thiele/Small parameters are are about), and harmonic distortion. The major "non-DSP friendly" factors are maximum excursion (“Xmax”), specific force factor (BL/√Re), sensitivity, and power handling. Say, just by disregard the frequency response in design stage, the speaker topology can be revolutionally changed: want it thin? Yes! Want it small? Yes! Want it long rectangle or tube shape? Yes! Want it sounds good? Done!