Glass Cone Speaker Drivers

Glass cone speaker 40mm

40mm Full Range Drivers

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  • 3D Glass cone disphragm in 0.2mm thickness
  • High power handling: 5W (continuous), 15W (transient)
  • Excellent performance in high frequency
  • 4 ohm full range driver with NdFeB magnet
  • PU surround

Techncal Specification,

Driver Size : ∅40mm x H 22mm
DC Resistance : 4Ω
Resonance Frequency (Fs) : 140Hz
Continuous Power (thermal) : 5W
Max. Power (transient) : 15W
Excursion, peak-to-peak (Xmax) : 5mm
Moving Mass (Mms) : 1.4g
Effective Radiating-area (Sd) : 8cm²
Force Factor (BL) : 3.24
Specific Force Factor (BL/√Re) : 1.62
Compliance, free-air (Cms) : 0.82mm/N
Eqv. Compliance Volume (Vas) : 0.07L
Voice Coil Inductance (Le) : 0.04mH
Diaphragm Displacement Volume, peak-to-peak(Vd) : 4 cm³
Sensitivity (2V/0.5m@1kHz) : 86dBSpl
NdFeB magnet rating : N35
NdFeB magnet weight : 11.8g
Voice-coil magnet wire weight : 0.76g
Driver Weight : 38g
Voice-coil magnet wire grade : EISV
Max. Voice-coil Temperature : 165°C
Operating Temperature : -10 to 40°C
Storage Temperature : -20 to 70°C